Continuing in the line of delicious Cookie crosses, Gelato #33 is a strain that delivers decadent aromas and flavors, and a euphoric high. Here, our thoughts on the Cookie Fam’s newest superstar. 

Gelato #33

Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies

Bred by: Cookie Fam

Cultivated by: Jungle Boys

Purchased at: TLC Collective

Gelato #33, also known as Larry Bird, is one of the newest, most buzzed about strains to come from the Cookie Fam, Northern California breeders responsible for iconic strains such as Girl Scout Cookies–which swept the community and online forums around 2010–and Sunset Sherbert. Continuing in the line of delicious Cookie crosses, their Gelato #33, a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mints, is a strain that delivers decadent aromas and flavors, and a euphoric high that acts as a warm blanket for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Here, our thoughts on the Fam’s newest superstar.


Gelato #33 buds are tight and compact nuggets with a vibrant green shimmer that sparkles in the light with the heads of thousands of frosty trichomes as bright orange hairs coat the buds like sprinkles on a donut resulting in an appearance that looks alive and fresh. If going off visuals alone, the thick layer of trichomes on these flowers make this strain ideal for pressing into rosin or collecting kief from. One of our first thoughts when looking at this batch was that if this smoked as good as it looked, we were in for quite the tasty treat.


Clarifying mint and robust cacao notes dominate Gelato’s aroma profile, a clear nod to its Thin Mints parentage. While notes of citrus and grape shine through, these aromas are blanketed in a rich scent of peppermint that awakens the senses.


As much as this strain smells like Thin Mints, Gelato does not hold back on its full flavor profile upon inhalation. We smoked this as a jay through a Phuncky Feel Tip and could taste hints of Sunset Sherbert’s many flavors beneath a layer of muted creaminess provided for by the Mints. Bits of grape, citrus and a spiciness like that of nutmeg or allspice shine through, creating a rich spectrum of flavor that pleases the palate.


Yes, its appearance, taste and smell are all on point but none of those compare to the feeling of euphoria and relaxation this strain brings. Heavier than other Cookie strains, Gelato #33 brings full-body relaxation and might result in couch-lock or a nap for tired and weary souls. Great for those seeking to ease anxiety and physical tension, this tasty bud will also ease depression and inspire a powerful, yet subtle wave of euphoria resulting in good vibes and some serious R&R.


Given this strain’s cornucopia of flavors and intense euphoric high, it is no surprise Gelato #33 became the batch of Gelato to get. When grown by the Jungle Boys, the cure and trim of these flavors elevates them into a work of art to be beheld and revered. Gelato #33 is a delicious power-hitter, meaning cannasseurs aren’t forced to compromise between flavor and effect. Beautiful buds combine with a smooth, diverse flavor profile to bring the consumer a euphoric, relaxing high. Overall, we’re big fans of Gelato #33 and will repurchase this should the Jungle Boys grow it again.

Feature image via Cookie Fam/Twitter.

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