Growers Spotlight: Jungle Boys at TLC Collective

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Growers Spotlight: Jungle Boys at TLC Collective

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With cannabis on the brink of legalization in California, one trend becomes more apparent: Growers are taking ownership of their work and letting it be known that what’s theirs, is proudly theirs. By perfecting their methods–sometimes with techniques we’ve never ever heard of like the Jungle Boys self-reported approach to harvesting buds by letting them die on the vine first–growers and grow collectives are stamping, branding and standing behind their standard of excellence. What does this mean for Southern California and, what will one day be, the United States? Put simply, this means good bud for you and your friends as the trend continues to move towards hand-crafted, if you will “artisan,” growing by people who consider cannabis to be an art form; one that is finally getting the attention it deserves by the general public. It also means accountability and (complete) transparency as consumers are now able to trace their buds/concentrates back to the growers and their methods.

The importance of brands in the cannabis industry didn’t become apparent to us until we went to this year’s High Times US Cannabis Cup held at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino. (If you’re interested in going to a similar event, check out the Chalice Cup which is happening July 8-10.) It was there that we became personally acquainted (if only through dab samplers) with Lorax Labs, Stuck-Up Extracts, CannaSutra, Nameless Genetics (major emoji hearts here) and countless other growers all fighting the good fight and growing the gracious herb. While we knew of Jungle Boys beforehand, we came back to them after the cup with a newfound appreciation of the green they put out.

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TLC in Central LA is the best place to access the delights that come from the Jungle Boys garden and yes, those delights are plentiful. The beautifully grown and cured buds carrying the Jungle Boys name stand as an example of cannabis cultivation at its highest level. Our first introduction into the Jungle Boys bag of goodies was with their TLC Private Reserve OG in which, after one puff, we were instantly hooked.  Being the OG lovers we are, we have had our fair share of strains but ones that come from the Jungle Boys always stand out. From the decadent sweetness and heavy relaxation of their Wedding Cake (a cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints), to the fruit punch bowl-like flavors swirling around in that Sunset Sherbert smoke, to the quintessential OG aroma, appearance and effect of their Face on Fire, the Jungle Boys clearly put time, care, love and years of knowledge to expert use when growing, harvesting and curing their crops. Marijuana’s dark and currently murky legal climate–even in medical states–means anonymity is the best way to stay in business so concrete details about  how the Jungle Boys run their grow rooms is not easy to come by; in fact, it doesn’t even exist to anyone outside their grow circle. That said, we recommend that if you’re going to limit yourself to following only one cannabis related user on Instagram, it should be them. Their posts are highly informative and will oftentimes include grow products and tips, new strains and, this goes without saying, lots and lots of #flowerporn.

Check out their Instagram here; For more information on TLC, click here.

Who’s your favorite grower of the moment?

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