An Ode to Hot Cheetoz

How we love you, Hot Cheetoz… Let us count the ways. 

With a slew of new strains hitting platforms like Leafly and Weedmaps on a daily basis, you’re forgiven for the skeptical eye roll that is bound to follow news of yet another hyped addition; and, while we would normally be right there with you we couldn’t help but be drawn to the cleverly-named Hot Cheetoz, a strain exclusively bred and grown by the Jungle Boys. After having it in rosin form, all we can say is that if you’re still skeptical about the hype, you’re doing yourself a grave disservice. Hot Cheetoz is the progeny of Exodus Cheese and Fire OG with the end result being a perfect 10 in flavor and effect. In the same way the buds produced by these two strains are coated in trichomes, Exodus Cheese and Fire OG are coated in cannabis lore as the children of two of the very pillars that make up the current cannabis strain database–OG Kush and Skunk #1.

Exodus Cheese, or Cheese, can trace its origins back twenty years ago to the South of England where it was discovered as a Skunk #1 pheno. Soon after its discovery, every grower and head shop wanted a cut of this clone-only strain. Bathed in a scent that can only be described as cheese, the buds carry a potently pungent, musky aroma that is uplifted with bright citrusy notes. Its taste is like a fruit bomb in your mouth with delicate citrus notes layering heavier berry notes in a a delectable vanilla parfait topped with ground nutmeg. So while its nose may scream acrid! its flavor profile is much more balanced–we would even say sweet–than initial impressions give off.

Fire OG, an OG Raskal creation, is also no stranger to fame having been (till this day) relentlessly pursued by growers everywhere for just one cut of this clone-only strain. A potent cross between OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG, Fire OG buds are covered in flaming red hairs and give off an intense pine and citrus scent that awakens and entices the olfactory glands. The flowers from this beautiful plant produce perfectly conical-shaped buds that are vibrant green in color and coated in a thickly-frosted layer of trichomes and the eponymous red-orange hairs. Fire OG is the perfect depiction of the magic that can happen when two notorious and notoriously heavy-hitting OGs are bred.

By taking two legendary strains with very distinct and recognizable characteristics, the Jungle Boys have created a strain truly unique and worthy of praise. Hot Cheetoz flowers are alive in their color with chunky orange hairs reminiscent of cheddar cheese poking out from underneath a blanket of trichomes. If for some inexplicable reason you aren’t won over by the immaculate appearance of these flowers, the taste will get you. Hot Cheetoz beautiful bouquet is accented by a delectable creaminess and subtle spicy earthiness. Its taste is best described as balanced and dynamic. Its effects are both cerebrally stimulating while providing a healthy dose of physical relaxation. A strain this complex doesn’t happen by accident; it is clearly the result of hard work, rigorous attention to detail and an uber-discerning palate. In a time when a lot of the same genetics are being rebranded or reproduced with slight variations, it is amazing to see and enjoy a true work of passion and curiosity. A painstaking labor of love like the creation of this dynamic strain deserves recognition, so here it is, our humble ode to Hot Cheetoz.

Feature image collage includes photos from _ChesterCheetaTLC Collective and Wired.

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