11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016

11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016

It comes as no surprise to anyone (unless you’re my parents) that Jason and I are big fans of the herb, which, given where we live, is nothing out of the ordinary. When it comes to strains, we’re adventurous enough to try everything we can get our hands on, regardless of where it is in the city. We’ll even drive to Studio City from Highland Park which, if you live in Los Angeles, is quite the commitment. We’re talking “you’ve been dating for several months and have already met the parents” kind of commitment.

These 11 strains are ones we’ve loved for a while, but have either rediscovered or kept the flame going this year. There’s something to ease you into the couch after a stressful day; get your creative gears going; fire up a strong appetite; relieve physical and/or emotional tension; or, to call it a night with as you and your significant other watch episode after episode of The Wire while eating your 5th bag of Bean Chips this week.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Fire OG

Fire OG | 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
Fire OG | Image via Leafly

When it comes to OGs, Fire is our first love. With its rich, piney, woodsy scent and citrusy zing with pepper-like spiciness, Fire is the perfect example of OG’s aesthetic and medicinal qualities. Depending on your tolerance, Fire can be the horse tranquilizer that puts you down at the end of a long day or the relaxation anxious, tense bodies need to unwind, decompress, and enjoy the moment.

Fire OG Strain Information

THC up to 20% and the appearance of nuggets that are on fire, Fire OG is one of the strongest of the OG strains.

Private Reserve OG

TLC Private Reserve OG Grown by the Jungle Boys | 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
TLC Private Reserve grown by the Jungle Boys.

I will readily admit that we have loved Private Reserve OG for a long time, so the strain could easily sit on any list of favorite strains. Also known as OG#18, it hails from the mad geneticists at DNA Genetics. A name like Private Reserve comes with high expectations, no pun intended, and exceeds them. A pungent nose of pine and sweet earthiness that borders on cacao, these impressive looking flowers pack a bombastic and satisfying flavor punch of bright citrus notes, like lemon rind and oranges, a syrupy Port wine sweetness and a little diesel running around in there.

In terms of effect, it brings the quintessential OG head-bang boogie. It feels as if your head has comfortably swollen to the size of a watermelon and is bobbing along back and forth as you giggle and give in. In our opinion, the best place to get Private Reserve in Los Angeles is TLC Collective.

OG #18 Strain Information

OG #18 is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by DNA Genetics.

Crown OG

Crown OG by Crown Genetics | 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
Crown OG by Crown Genetics | Image via 420 Strains

A new one, but upon first exhale, was immediately indoctrinated into our Strain Hall of Fame. Crown OG, grown by the one and only Crown Genetics, is an award-winning strain that took home the gold for High Times Best Indica Concentrate of 2015, as well as other awards for its buds. Bright green and alive in its color, Crown OG is a strain true to its name, as its smell, taste and effect are fit for royalty. Its scent is that of a freshly-baked croissant sliced in half and filled with sweet jam and warm honey; its flavor is that of rum candied oranges and is sweet and innocent on the inhale, but sultry and adultered on the exhale. This is only our second go-around with the strain and its one we couldn’t ever live without.

Crown OG Strain Information

Crown OG is an indica strain that stays true to its OG roots with a sweet pine aroma and potent euphoric effects.

Mega Wellness OG

Mega Wellness OG grown by Nameless Genetics | 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
Mega Wellness OG grown by Nameless Genetics | Image via High Times

“Dear Mega Wellness… It’s only been a month since we’ve known each other but already you’ve touched me in so many ways. I remember when I first saw you, in your sartorial elegance at the Cannabis Cup, strutting like a horny peacock, flashing your feathers and god, did we fall for you. Your flavor, I admit, takes some getting used to but can be likened to a pine and lemon Health-Ade kombucha, effervescent, gingery and spicy, yet still retaining that classic OG pine and wood flavors that give it one of the most complex flavor profiles of any strains. But your effect… It was then we knew–we knew why you were called Mega Wellness; although to us, you could have been called the Chosen One and it would have been the same thing. I love you, Mega Wellness, and goddamnit, I’m not afraid to recommend that everyone try you. And if you’re interested in trying it after reading this goofy-ass entry, then check out CHR in University Heights, LA, or the W.E.E.D. in Studio City. See you soon, MW. – Culture Vultures”

Sunset Sherbert

New drop @greenwolf_cali They got a killer Jungle Boy drop Sunset Sherbert, Cookies and Cream, Face on Fire, Topanga Canyon OG and Alpine Animal. #jungleboys #playingwithfireson #propdcompliant #alwaysimitatedneverduplicated #ogkings #losangelesfarmers #sunsetsherbert #topangacanyonog #cookiesandcream #faceonfire

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Do you remember the Everlasting Gobstopper the children received in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Now roll that in a jay, smoke it, and you have Sunset Sherbert (or Sherbet). Named after a decadent, fruity ice cream dessert, expectations going in were high, there’s that pun again, and were easily met. I mentioned the Everlasting, ever-changing, Gobstoppers previously because the smells and tastes are numerous and varied. At times the flower was incredibly fruity with a candy-like sweetness and in others, it took on a heavier sweetness like that of chocolate. Like a Los Angeles sunset, it is a barrage of bright, fruity flavors anchored by deep, more robust notes. It’s not necessarily a strain for beginning cannabis users for it has some profound psychoactive effects, coupled with a heavy body buzz. But, with that said, it is a great strain for relaxing with without feeling that lethargic, drowsy buzz. Again. this is all relative to your tolerance and experience with cannabis. This delectable strain is part of the Cookie family tree. Girl Scout Cookies being one of the parents in the creation of Sherbert, the other a lesser know strain called Pink Kush, coming together to create this legendary strain. If you can get your hands on a batch of the REAL Sunset Sherbert, and you’ll know it when you have it, don’t pass it up. In fact, that won’t be the only thing you won’t want to pass.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Information

Heir to the Girl Scout Cookies throne is Sunset Sherbet, an indica-leaning hybrid with intoxicatingly potent effects.

Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies| 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
Orange Cookies | Image via High Times

Some people start the day with Orange Juice, while we start the day with Orange Cookies. It’s a great strain to have at any time of the day, but is especially great for the daytime as it releases feelings of euphoria, concentration, and relaxation without any couchlock. This is a great strain to be creative and social with, and can comfortably put you at ease in any situation.

Orange Cookies Strain Information

Orange Cookies bred by Franchise Genetics is a hybrid that combines Orange Juice with the renowned Girl Scout Cookies.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake #tkxanimalmints #playingwithfire #jungleboys #playingwithfireson #losangelesfarmers #alwaysimitatedneverduplicated #ogkings #losangelesfarmers #tlcfarms #weddingcake #macromob #macro #macromob420

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As heavy as eating an entire cake and as equally decadent, Wedding Cake, sometimes called Birthday Cake, is a delectable treat and must for any Indica lover. Swollen, dense flowers covered in a thick layer of crystals stand out not only for their appearance but saccharine smell and taste. Without exaggeration or embellishment, I can say joints of Wedding Cake were more in line with eating a piece of cake than smoking a joint. Its effects are that of deep relaxation that leave you tucked into the couch with a grin etched across your face.

Birthday Cake Kush Strain Information

Birthday Cake Kush, or just Birthday Cake, is an indica-dominant hybrid with strong body effects and sweet cake-like flavor.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 | 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
Gorilla Glue #4 | Image via Leafly

Gorilla Glue #4 is not for the faint of heart. It’s a fast-paced rollercoaster that, if you’re already prone to anxiety and nervousness, can send you over the edge if you’re not careful. With that said, Gorilla Glue #4 is a strain that’s become part of the new generation of classics. Derived from three different Diesel strains–Chocolate Diesel, Sour Double, and Chem’s Sis–Gorilla Glue has sour, diesel-like undertones with heavy ocular pressure and packs a heavy body effect. While you’re mentally in the sky, your body will be glued to the couch.


Tangie | 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
Tangie | Image via Leafly

Tangie, the only Sativa on this list, and arguably one of my (Kiana) personal favorites. A whiff of Tangie will transport you to the days when Tang was your water and Orange Creamsicles your sustenance (read: Your childhood). It’s a fun, delicious strain that makes for a great wake-and-bake and will leave you feeling as if your insides were made of Orangina–bubbly, bright, and full of zest. We highly recommend it for those suffering from depression or anxiety, introverts looking to let loose in social situations as this flower will make you chatty, or creatives who want to get their juices flowing before working on a project.

Tangie Strain Information

Tangie is a popular hybrid strain out of Amsterdam that has a strong citrus aroma and provides uplifting yet mellow effects.

Thin Mints GSC

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies | 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies | Image via Leafly

Thin Mints, an aptly named strain for its voluptuously musky pine scent, coated in refreshing mint pate and then covered in rich dark chocolate flavors. Much like other GSC strains, Thin Mints brings a strong psychoactive buzz and moderate physical relaxation but, for novice patients, can be a stone cold stunner if smoked too heavily. For those who have had Cookies, it’s a fun strain to smoke that when paired with the right company, outing or series of movies, makes for the #bestnightever.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Strain Information

Thin Mint, a hybrid cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush, is a phenotype of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Venom OG

#Repost @wla.nan ・・・ 💣💣💣 pic of 🐍🐍 #Venom #OG 🐍🐍 @wla.nan @wla.nan #NewAmsterdamNaturals #WestLA by @calikushfarms #CaliKushFarms @og_jg_crew #OGKings #HTCC #awards too many to list 😂😂 🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼🔥💨 #NANLA #Connoisseur #MMJ #BestMeds #nextlevel 🔥💨 @cannicorner

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Cannabis growers and breeders have a long history of naming flowers ironically or appropriating negative terms to brand positive results. In that vain, we have Venom OG, grown and bred with TLC by Cali Kush Farms. I have and, fingers crossed, will never be bitten by a snake to know the actual physical effects of venom, but this OG brings relaxation and euphoria in buckets. Wrapped in warmth as if drawn into the folds of a blanket, the mind is at ease but not dormant. You’ll feel a heavy blanket of relaxation wash over your body like warm caramel. This strain is great for those seeking relief from pain, mental and physical release, or for those suffering from illnesses such as insomnia, eating disorders, etc.

Venom OG Strain Information

Venom OG from Rare Dankness Seeds is an indica-dominant cross between Poison OG and Rare Dankness #1.

Kush Co. OG

Kush Co. OG | 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
Kush Co. OG | Image via SC Labs

That’s right, another OG; it’s not our fault there are so many amazing ones. This variety is from Kush Company and is thus called Kush Co. OG. The straight-to-bidness name of the company tells you these guys are all about the buds. That attention to detail shines through in their expert manicure. cure and overall presentation. Bright cherry soda flavors are  prevalent in the smoke, along with the usual, delightful OG punch. It’s very aromatic in the way that perfectly grown OGs are–pine and lemon fragrances come together to create a musky earthiness that delights the olfactory glands. The effects of this OG fall right in line with other great strains of its name: Deep physical relaxation, cognitive decongestion, and pleasant euphoria.

Northern Lights #5

Northern Lights #5 | 11 Cannabis Strains We’re Really Loving in 2016, check it out at http://culturevulturesla.com/cannabis-strains-2016/
Northern Lights #5 | Image via Gamer Chronic

Northern Lights #5 is a legendary strain in the cannabis community, having been around since the late ’80s and since its birth, winning awards left and right, thereby increasing the popularity of this flower and making it the unofficial “Most Popular of all Time” honoree. Northern Lights #5 is like a fruit bomb in your mouth. It’s as if someone melted together every Starburst flavor that exists to create a fantastical cotton candy concoction that floats on the tongue, all the while leaving an intense atmosphere of fruit. And if the flavor wasn’t enough to put this in your list of all-time favorites, the pleasant high will give you a nice cerebral buzz that isn’t too spacey or jittery, coupled with a comfortable body thump that will leave you relaxed, happy, lucid and at peace with the world.

Northern Lights #5 Strain Information

Northern Lights #5 is in the popular Northern Lights family of cannabis strains. Introduced in 1989 it has since won many awards at the Cannabis Cup and other harvest festivals.

Which strains are you loving this year?

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